Chad Bergman


I’m Chad Bergman, a multi-disciplinary designer and musician based in Phoenix.

What I do professionally

My design career has been focused on crafting inclusive digital experiences along with promoting, implementing, and supporting scalable design systems and teams.

Experience —

Designer Advocate @ Figma

2021 - Present
Helping enable and empower Figma users at scale through the creation of guides, assets, and feature demos, while advocating for the community and connecting to answer product and design questions, identify opportunities for collaboration, and gather feedback to share with the product team.

Lead Designer @ GoDaddy

2017 — 2021
Collaborated with partners across the organization daily as I led, supported, educated and evangelized design system assets, tooling, and systemic best practices. Bridging our design and engineering communities, I advocated for the culture and community engagement with our design system, enabling teams to be more efficient and able craftsfolks in delivering cohesive, clear, meaningful experiences to empower everyday entrepreneurs.

Senior Experience Architect @ I-ology

2013 — 2016
Working in a small boutique agency I wore many hats, from representing and advocating design in sales pitches and project kickoffs to designing and building applications and style guides while providing creative direction for our team as we created digital experiences for clients.

Senior Web Designer @ HomeSmart

Designed and developed real estate agent landing page templates and created a standardized style guide, pattern library, and CSS framework for the company to use with design projects.

Lead UX Designer @ U-Haul

2011 — 2013
Worked with and led our team of web designers through all stages of the design process, and developed foundational HTML, CSS, and responsive design standards for U-Haul and other AMERCO companies.

Manager @ Apple

2005 — 2011
Responsible for leading our team to victory by recruiting and on-boarding world class talent for our store, market, and region. Directed ongoing employee training, development, and performance management, while working to raise and sustain both customer and employee loyalty.

Founder @ Enfuze

2001 — 2007
As a solo entreprenuer, I was responsible for all aspects of running a creative business. Worked with local and national clients providing branding, graphic design, web development, e-commerce management, and early social media marketing services.

Web Designer + Developer @ GE Interlogix

1999 — 2001
Cutting my teeth in design. Stepped in to the webmaster position where I redesigned, developed, and performed ongoing site maintenance of three anchor GE Interlogix brand websites and the Security Pro dealer database site.

What I do for fun

When I'm not crafting digital assets and experiences you’ll find me spending time with my family or likely doing something that is related to music in one way or another.

Music has always been a big part of my life. It’s allowed me the opportunity to travel all over the country, meet new people, build relationships, take on design work, and it continues to inspire my creativity and hobbies on a daily basis.

When it comes to musical endeavors, I play guitar in an alternative/indie rock band, set up pedalboards, collect/build/modify effects pedals, amplifiers, and guitars. I’m always discovering new music and love recommendations from others, though I admit that I still listen to a lot of second and third-wave emo and the bands of this era still hold a special place in my heart.

Aside from my family and music, I’m a coffee and espresso enthusiast, hot sauce connoisseur, backyard BBQer, and a semi-amatuer semi-gamer.

How to connect

I'm always happy to chat about design systems and tools, guitar pedals and setups, tasty hot sauces, and will gladly take advice for pulling the perfect shot of espresso.

Feel free to reach out in one of the following places if you'd like to talk —

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